July 25, 2021
Utopia Festival, Antwerp
De Proeve van Speelmanschap | The proof of minstrelsy
De proeve van speelmanschap

CLUBMEDIÉVAL: Thomas Baeté (fiddle and voice) – Dimos De Beun (clavicymbalum, gothic organ and recorder)

Virtuoso instrumental music from the first half of the 16th century

The Codex Faenza has handed us the first known organ tablatures of 15th-century vocal music. Some of these are attributed to famous composers like Machaut and Landini, but most of them are anonymous.

Thomas Baeté and Dimos de Beun take us back to the origin of instrumental music, to an era where it liberated itself from an accompanying role and where the art of decorative divisions demanded ever more ingenuity and virtuosity of its performers.