May 24, 2020
2:00 pm
Concertgebouw, Brugge
Joye: Rosa Bella - ClubMédieval

Glimpse of a forbidden love

With a (self-chosen?) name like Gilles Joye, it can’t be otherwise: this composer-singer enjoyed life. But he was also a priest, and the Chapter of Bruges’s Sint-Donaaskerk were none too happy about his relationship with a certain Rosabella. Is the beautiful Missa Rosa bella in the Lucca Choirbook by Gilles Joye? And is it perhaps a musical confession? Whatever the case, Thomas Baeté and his ClubMediéval champion this almost forgotten Kortrijk-born composer and John Bedyngham’s O rosa bella, the song he used as his basis.


Movements from the anonymous Missa Rosa bella and chansons by Gilles Joye & John Bedyngham


Thomas Baeté: medieval fiddle & musical direction
Olalla Alemán, Terry Wey, Raffaele Giordani: voice
Elisabeth Seitz: hammered psaltery
Dimos de Beun: clavicymbalum, gothic organ & recorders
Geesje Liedmeier: medieval fiddle