Reviving the Duarte Heritage in Antwerp

Antwerp is celebrating its BAROKJAAR now in 2018. Many famous elements of Antwerp 17th Century heritage are put in the spotlight, with of course the famous painters as Rubens up front.

Thanks to Vleeshuismeuseum curator Timothy De Paepe, also a less known chapter of Antwerp’s rich past has been brought into the light, and that is the whole circle of painters, instrument makers and musicians around the Duarte family. These wealthy neighbours of Peter Paul Rubens, of portuguese-jewish descent, were hot stuff in mid-century Antwerp, and when you had a ticket for a house concert at the Duarte’s palazzo you were considered a very lucky (wo)man!

Timothy curated a beautiful exposition in the Rockockx-Snijdershuis in Antwerp around this theme, and commissioned with Transports Publics a CD that reconstructs such a concert at the Duarte’s.

This adventure was a real dream come true for Tim, with visual art and music coming together so perfectly, for us as musicians it was a most wonderful experience to contribute, and I would recommend everyone to go and see (and especially listen to!) this gem!