Anthony Poole’s music brought back home

Today, the team of Transports Publics sets of to the town of St-Omer in northwest France. This place has always had a special charm to me, it seems like the witnesses of the past kept all their ‘everydaylifeness’. Rather than you admiring stuff from the past, it feels like the past has taken you in. The town boasts (or actually, as I just explained, doesn’t boast) a intruigingly quircky gothic cathedral and a more classic ‘chapelle des Jesuites’. The latter is were we are going to perform the music of Anthony Poole (1629 – 1692).
This Jesuit of northern English descent was educated in the Collège des jésuites anglais of St-Omer, and later became the teacher of instrumental music in that same institute. His music was completely forgotten for centuries, and will sound today for the first time since 4 centuries in the place were it sounded for the first time. Very moved by this all.
with Annelies Decock, Korneel Bernolet, Elisabeth Seitz, Jan Van Outryve and Geesje Liedmeier.