Afterglow to the east

Sunburnt fields glide past as high speed train takes me back to Brussels from the Burgundy village of Thil,
whose abandoned collégiale hosted last night’s performance of OSUNA trio, where I play alongside Saz player Emre Gultekin and multi-instrumentalist – throat singer Raphaël De Cock.
The festival Musique en Auxois usually programs classical and early western music, our concert The Silk Road was received as une chose exotique.
Raphaël and me arrived from Belgium, and met Emre, who was traveling in France in a party of 7, amongst whom 2 Baúl musicians, from north-eastern India. We were inspired by the unique atmosphere of the collégiale, and after our last song, the audience was clearly not ready to let us go.
So Emre had the inspiration to invite his friends on stage, to perform with us. No rehearsal, a great *click*, I felt very blest by that experience, one of this moments when you know why you choose the musician’s life!