15th Century Catalan version of the Song of the Sybil

Performed by
ClubMediéval (from left to right)
Michaël Grébil, cistre à archet
Olalla Alemán, soprano, as the Sybil
Thomas Baeté, vihuela de arco, dir.
Christophe Morisset, Sackbutt
Tomás Maxé, bass
Raphaël De Cock, barytone
Griet Degeyter, soprano

Dominique Feldheim, film director and producer
Pierre Ribo, assistant film director
Samuel Ribo, sound engineer, special effects and editing
Tomas Hendriks, video editing

Recorded live on 12 May 2015 at the Chapel of the Brigittines.

We kindly thank Dominique Feldheim for his permission to broadcast this video